What’s in a name?

Today’s landscape consists of dime-a-dozen podcasts, overused and uninspired buzzwords, indistinguishable voices, and rabbit-holes “for fans of…” every band on earth. It’s easy to understand why fans of music (especially the dirty corners of metal and hardcore) – have very few sources for fresh content, and new takes on beloved subject matter.

Jon’s Untitled Podcast speaks for itself as an unabashed, unapologetic look into subjects that have not yet been explored for fans of evocative music. It is born from a passion for - and sincere curiosity about - the stories behind the music. Jon’s interviews are not only a treat for listeners, but for the artists as well. Equipped with Pinfield-esque knowledge, and wry humor – Jon’s atypical approach to topics and audible love for his craft is what makes the podcast with no name stand out from all the noise.

Jon’s passion has survived through trend after trend, unjaded by the litany of repetitious interviews that have left so many questions unanswered, and so many listeners tuned out.

So what’s in a name? The same logic that KoRn applied to their band in 1993 still applies 25 years later.

It’s the content that makes it cool.

Jon’s Untitled Podcast is hosted by Jon Beatty, 33– of Grand Rapids, MI.